For such an early season botanical, a list of over 200 species is testimony to Dave’s handle on jizz, the richness of the churchyard and one particularly diverse but very narrow verge which held the RPR species Knotted Hedge-parsley Torilis nodosa with also-rans of Henbit Dead-nettle Lamium amplexicaule and Cut-leaved Dead-nettle Lamium hybridum

Henbit Dead-nettle

Planted natives in the vicinity of the wildflower farm included Wayfaring Tree Viburnum lantana and Wild Service Tree Sorbus torminalis.

Wild Service Tree

If you want to see Spotted Medick Medicago arabica, Langar is the place to head for as it is abundant thereabouts but incredibly scarce in the rest of Rushcliffe.

Spotted Medick

Along one pavement near the church, Spring Beauty Claytonia perfoliata is well established….

Spring Beauty

Other notable plants on the day, plucked at random (so to speak!) are Yellow-juiced Poppy Papaver lecoqii (again!), several Manchester Poplars Populus nigra betulifolia (which are clones of a native black poplar and shows all the characters including the large bosses and the upturned branches) and Few-flowered Garlic Allium paradoxum.

There is another plant in the neighbourhood that we found to be well established at two locations but I don’t know what it is … yet, but Dave is working on it.

UPDATE – Anthemis tinctoria aka Yellow (or Dyer’s) Chamomile a garden escape.

Anthemis tinctoria

Finally, for a bit of variety we saw four Little Egrets and this common micro-moth.

Agonopteryx alstromeria

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