A winter’s day but no wind to speak of and some warmth in the sun at times.

Cormorant Trees on South Shore, Lyndon

Egrets were the order of the day with numerous Little and at least 5 Great White. The former have not warranted a mention on bird news for years and it seems now, that their Heron sized followers are to be taken for granted.

Great White Egret

We started with a look along the shore at Barnsdale and a wander into Barnsdale Wood where I was pleased to have Dave draw my attention to Square-stalked St. John’s-wort Hypericum tetrapterum and two sedges. The road to botanical competence is long and winding; Remote Sedge Carex remota, I have seen a few times but not really recognised it as being stand-out different and Thin-spiked Wood Sedge Carex strigosa, I have never seen before. I am pleased to say that I would have recognised them as being unfamiliar so I’m getting there.

Great Crested Grebe

There is a variety of sheep along the walk to the hides at Lyndon and they include this ‘panda’ variety.

Kerry Hill Sheep

I tracked it down with the assistance of google to being of the Kerry Hill breed originating from Powys around the English/Welsh border.

And a couple of recent garden encounters; a milder spell towards the end of November brought a small rush of December Moths and the first day of bird-feeder stocking tempted a Blackcap to the suet.

December Moths
male Blackcap