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Gotham Pastures

How to get there:

Access by foot from Gotham village or via the public footpath leading from Nottingham Road at the eastern end of Long Spinney. The latter can be very muddy and slippery after rain and horse trampling but the whole hillside has great views out over Gotham village and its cricket field and Gotham and Bunny Moors.


The hillside is getting scrubby and where this is enclosed, the horses seem averse to grazing and this allows patches of the flora to develop and flower. The western part of the hillside is the Gotham Hill Pasture SSSI, dedicated for its species-rich grassland on calcareous and neutral clays. Gotham Sandbanks nature reserve is a part of the SSSI but the whole of the hillside deserves exploration - not just the SSSI.

Plants to be found here include Common Centaury, Agrimony, Lady's Bedstraw, Harebell, Musk Thistle, Dwarf Thistle, Small-flowered Buttercup, Burnet Saxifrage and Spiny Restharrow. Common Blue butterflies are regular and Clouded Yellow was seen in 2014.

Extent of Gotham Hills SSSI
Extent of Gotham Hill Pasture SSSI with Gotham Sandbanks in blue.

NGR SK 531 331

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Gotham Hills
Gotham Hills