The Wildlife of Rushcliffe

I have attempted to catalogue and offer a guide to status on every species of mammal, reptile, amphibian, butterfly, grasshopper, cricket, dragonfly, damselfly, fish and bird that occurs here. Most of the macro moths get a mention, but the micros are incomplete. The list of plants is now fairly thorough but the beetles and flies are only covered superficially and without a knowledgeable eye. I am very grateful to Jerry Clough for covering the Plant Galls.

The totals are: Beetles 247, Birds 261, Butterflies 36, Odonata 20, Fish 24, Flies (not including Syrphidae) 272, Flora 843 (Rushcliffe only), Fungi 264, Orthoptera 12, Hoverflies 108, Mammals 33, Macro Moths 404, Micro Moths 166 Galls 106 (a few may be duplicated under diptera), Herptiles 9.

This is a grand total of 2805 taxa

(and doesn't include the massive order of the hymenoptera and lots of other groups)

image of a fieldfare
image of a beetle
image of gatekeeper butterfly
image of four=spottrd chaser
image of chub in a brook
image of a fly
image of creeping jenny
image of fly agaric
image of field grasshopper
image of hoverfly
image of harvest mouse
image of magpie moth
image of micro moth
image of plant gall
image of toad